Tuesday, 17 November 2009

yum yum yummmm

I've been making, baking and creating!

Plums! in sugar

Grand discovery of today: Grated apple, Cheddar and Parmesan, thinly sliced /chopped avocado and pine nuts all moshed together- scrummy!

pretty peeeel

Grand discovery of yesterday: I REALLY really REALLY love the smell of rhubarb and the red dye that comes from the outer skin, listen to mother when she says "half fat to double flour" and "you should turn the heat down", add Cinnamon to fruit and ground almonds to your crumble.

cooked rhubard

SO. Umm... pics to come =D both from my Fujifilm AND my mum's, often conveniently on hand (my hand, not her hand, she's still learning how to use it) Cannon camera (which is my old camera before I got the Fuji).
dye from rhubarb- like bloooooood

Umm *worried* just so you know... I'm easily distracted (despite being able to do bead weaving projects that sometimes take a week to sew and 3 days to design beforehand... and well... I had a bead needle threaded (especially skinny needle, almost like wire) threaded with nylon thread... and I misplaced (you might say "lost") it... so, after searching, i threaded another needle, and this time started the project by threading beads and making a circle and some pointy bits... got distracted by typing more on this blog.... and now I've misplaced *cough* lost the last thread.

chopping board, flour, cooling rack & rings

So, ehh, I guess I'll post this and have another search. Wish me luck?


Friday, 13 November 2009

Stars £ading but I linger on

I lurve singing that song to myselv- I'm a mobile music player!

And I'm going to make a paper crane 4 this cause.

Yesterday mum picked me up some double pointed needles which will give me my desired evvect 4 making lace.

Sorry but bead weaving last night with my design on this laptop lead me to dropping lots ov tiny seed beads and there seems to me a bead jammed under the letter i've been avoiding all post- I'll vix it soon. Note to selv: also a bead under X making it divvicult to press.

And i should be past making scarves but I like this one's wrigglyness. Once be4 I tired making a scarv that's knitted vrom top to bottom rather than levt to right, and avter knitting and doing YO vor rows ov 260 stitches... the wool PINGED ovv ov the other end ov the knitting needle.... so I gave up.... though I should LEAVE the scarv alone because what I really wanted to do was make a light weight shawl.

....bead under the caps lock also >.<

Bye! I'll (hopevully) be back with working keys and some pics ov what I've been up to.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Day 2 of beadweaving.

It's been a while my old friend, good to see the beads out again.

I'm making a bracelet with detachable feature brooch thang right now.

Ta leme


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

paper`chase? NOT the satationary shop? a band? what a let down.

Today I started making Baby Lace (in the past week I made Trefoil Lace and Mini Lace), visited The Art Org and chilled/chatted with good people, wandered over to the Kioskiosk which contained Regenerate peoples!

Tomorrow a friend's step-dad is visiting to give me money for his wife's x-mas prezzie *zips lips*. With this is will buy things so that I can make goodies for Christmas fayres!

*ideas bubbling*

Monday, 9 November 2009


An old college friend yesterday made a request for me to make this necklace for a Christmas gift from her step-dad to her mother.

Stay tuned- but only if you reeeeeally want.

P.S: I fear my puppy, Lady, ate two ear phones [not inc. the wire].... and I made garlic bread (from scratch) to go with the cannelloni. Yum.... ahem... just to keep it sounding slightly like a LiveJournal.

P.S.P.S: Love to my Auntie Morag.


So, after the FAIL of my 1st and 2nd attempts at Project365... well, let's just give it up as a bad job.

SO, what else do I do? I mope, giggle and create.

A friend, let's call her Magsy Malone, a fellow creative type, she shoots out genius ideas like...

Well she suggests that I start a blog. This is hard- I'm from the era of live journal, so part of me wants to say "I didn't eat breakfast until half 1 in the afternoon, it was muesli and a banana. Tonight I'm cooking cannelloni for my family. My puppy just ate a crispy brown leaf from our living room floor and last night my brother fed her some beer." But I KNOW I should be writing, "I'm inspired by the artists and crafters I've befriended, as well as blogs. I recently made lace and tomorrow am visiting Kioskiosk which is in line with Invest In Nottingham"

....my puppy just caught a fly that she has had her eye on for the past 10 minutes, but it got free... until it was again caught and eaten.

See!?!?!?! How ever will I stay on track with keeping this a creative blog!?!?

Cherise/ Cherries