Friday, 13 November 2009

Stars £ading but I linger on

I lurve singing that song to myselv- I'm a mobile music player!

And I'm going to make a paper crane 4 this cause.

Yesterday mum picked me up some double pointed needles which will give me my desired evvect 4 making lace.

Sorry but bead weaving last night with my design on this laptop lead me to dropping lots ov tiny seed beads and there seems to me a bead jammed under the letter i've been avoiding all post- I'll vix it soon. Note to selv: also a bead under X making it divvicult to press.

And i should be past making scarves but I like this one's wrigglyness. Once be4 I tired making a scarv that's knitted vrom top to bottom rather than levt to right, and avter knitting and doing YO vor rows ov 260 stitches... the wool PINGED ovv ov the other end ov the knitting needle.... so I gave up.... though I should LEAVE the scarv alone because what I really wanted to do was make a light weight shawl.

....bead under the caps lock also >.<

Bye! I'll (hopevully) be back with working keys and some pics ov what I've been up to.

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