Tuesday, 17 November 2009

yum yum yummmm

I've been making, baking and creating!

Plums! in sugar

Grand discovery of today: Grated apple, Cheddar and Parmesan, thinly sliced /chopped avocado and pine nuts all moshed together- scrummy!

pretty peeeel

Grand discovery of yesterday: I REALLY really REALLY love the smell of rhubarb and the red dye that comes from the outer skin, listen to mother when she says "half fat to double flour" and "you should turn the heat down", add Cinnamon to fruit and ground almonds to your crumble.

cooked rhubard

SO. Umm... pics to come =D both from my Fujifilm AND my mum's, often conveniently on hand (my hand, not her hand, she's still learning how to use it) Cannon camera (which is my old camera before I got the Fuji).
dye from rhubarb- like bloooooood

Umm *worried* just so you know... I'm easily distracted (despite being able to do bead weaving projects that sometimes take a week to sew and 3 days to design beforehand... and well... I had a bead needle threaded (especially skinny needle, almost like wire) threaded with nylon thread... and I misplaced (you might say "lost") it... so, after searching, i threaded another needle, and this time started the project by threading beads and making a circle and some pointy bits... got distracted by typing more on this blog.... and now I've misplaced *cough* lost the last thread.

chopping board, flour, cooling rack & rings

So, ehh, I guess I'll post this and have another search. Wish me luck?


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